We Are Officially Recognized By:

Fritz TFH ELOS Hikari Dr. Tims Mag Float Fritz TFH Fritz TFH ELOS Hikari Dr. Tims Mag Float Fritz TFH Fritz TFH ELOS Hikari Dr. Tims Mag Float Fritz TFH Fritz TFH ELOS Hikari Dr. Tims Mag Float Fritz TFH

 I'd Rather Die 

 Than Clean My Tank 

 Aquarium Maintenance Company 

What We Do

Aquarium Maintenance
Installations (Free Estimates!)
Emergency Calls
Free Advice for all Regular Maintenance clients

We are a fish tank cleaning service for any type of tank. We maintain freshwater, saltwater, reef, plant, and even turtle tanks! Text us your questions and we answer as soon as possible, free of charge! Our regular customers benefit from our advice even more, this is because we know our customer's aquariums inside and out. This allows us to give personalized and specific advice.

"I'D RATHER DIE than deal with this tank.."


Our Fully Insured Service Includes:
• Water Change
• Decoration Cleaning
• Glass Cleaning
• Gravel/Sand Vacuuming
• Filter Cleaning
• Fish Health Inspection
• Reminder Notification (Day Before Your Appointment)

On top of all of that, we are always happy to have a friendly conversation and answer any questions you may have about your aquarium.

Reminders before every appointment!

We take great pride in our communication with clients. Our customers always receive a reminder text message to confirm the night before every appointment. Our customers get to lock in their scheduled appointment weeks in advance without the worry of a forgotten appointment date. It's not just an automated message either, you will always get a personal message. Our customers appointments are our number one priority. We guarantee that we will never disappear on you. Let us take care of everything!

Choose Us!

We are not just any maintenance company, we are lifelong aquarium hobbyists. This company offers another level of passion and experience when maintaining your tank that is unlike any other. We completely relate to the pure joy of going into your local fish store and adding a new friend to your home. We don't just clean your tank, our technicians will also educate you on how to make your pets as happy as they can be.


Adding an aquarium to your home or business can be a fun and exciting experience. Aquariums are known to bring an element of peace and tranquility to an office or waiting room. Fish tanks are a piece of living art, let us help you choose the right style for you. We customize the setup for each occasion, whether it's a small nano-reef in your bedroom, or a big gold fish tank in your restaurant. We will guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Emergency Calls

"OMG! All of the fish are dying!!
What should we do!?"

We understand that your aquarium is not just a display piece, it's a part of the family. It is always a horrible feeling to flush your little friend into the big fishbowl in the sky. We will do our best to help you immediately fix the problem, whether you are a new customer or a regular. We will come to the rescue as soon as we can! Day or night.