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Our Favorite Local Fish Stores

As hobbyists ourselves, we are very excited when we find a great fish store. We look for places that have love and passion for aquariums. These stores all have incredible skill and knowledge about fish keeping, they really show why they are the best in New Jersey. These stores have a great selection of healthy fish. The people are friendly and always provide down to earth service. Check them out!

Sea Level Aquarium

28 US-46
Pine Brook, NJ 07058

Phone: (973) 227-0200
Site: SeaLevelAquarium.com

Sea Level has a great selection of both freshwater and saltwater fish. For a smaller sized store, they have an enormous variety of corals and invertebrates. Sea level Aquarium also has an entire room of fish supplies, decorations, foods, and medications. Their specialty is their knowledge, they can help you fix any problem imaginable. Definitely worth the trip!


319-323 US-22
Green Brook Township, NJ 08812

Phone: (908) 642-1966
Site: ReefcoAquariums.com

Reefco is the premier destination for any reef enthusiast in New Jersey. Reefco has one of the biggest selection of corals in the state! They sell exclusively saltwater fish and coral. Reefco has the best aquarium technology to compliment their super modern tanks. They have an extensive knowledge of all things reef. If you love reef tanks, this is the store for you.

Exotic Aquatics

398 E Washington Ave
Washington, NJ 07882

Phone: (908) 223-1016
Site: ExoticAquaticsLLC.com/

Exotic Aquatics is the king of freshwater exotic fish. They know everything about oddball and specialty fish. With over 200 tanks, the selection really is incredible. Exotic Aquatics specializes in their one of a kind stingray selection. They carry everything from Guppies and Neon Tetras to Platinum Alligator Gars and Stingrays. They even carry Empire White Diamond Stingrays, the world's first trademarked stingrays!