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We want to showcase the companies that stay true to the hobby and have some awesome products

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Reef Nutrition

Site: ReefNutrition.com/

Reef Nutrition makes bottled food with super fresh ingredients that are amazing for your fish, corals, filter-feeding invertebrates, and zooplankton. If you love your aquarium, you have to try this food. With all the extra nutrition, your tank will look its absolute best and stay super healthy. They even have live pods to feed your tiny reef fish!

Soon we will be carying Reef Nutrition Products, so if there's anthing you like, make sure to request it for your next service!

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Site: TFHmagazine.com

The name explains it all. Back before we all had computers, this magazine helped everyone learn about fish and share their hobby with the world. If you are anything like us, you will absolutely love this magazine!

Jay from TFH:
"It all started when our first issue rolled off the presses in 1952…and since then Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine has been the world’s most trusted source of information about the fascinating world of fishkeeping! Our large-format, glossy print magazine offers unique perspectives from our world-renowned contributors and photographers on all aspects of fishkeeping, from freshwater to saltwater, aquatic plants to corals, nano tanks to outdoor ponds, and so much more. TFH is committed to educating and entertaining readers around the globe—no matter their interests or where they are in their fishkeeping journey! Discover more about TFH here


Site: MagFloat.com

Mag-Float make the original floating magnet algae scrubber. We use these every single day! Our job would be so much harder without this product. Other magnetic cleaners sink to the bottom once detached but these stay afloat and gravitate back to you! They are so much fun, even our customers love playing with them. Kids get involved and are excited to come up and touch the tanks with these on them. They sell themselves so often that we need to keep a stock of them for when our customers see them in action! Mag-Floats reduce the risk of contamination because you don't need to put your hands in the tank. Saying we love this product is an understatement!


Site: HikariUSA.com

Hikari is a company that specializes in all types of fish food. They have a large assortment of frozen food and pellets. Their food is extremely popular for good reason, an absolute staple for any aquarium.. They have specially designed pellet foods for every type of fish, we love their vast selection! Hands down the best goldfish and veggie pellets!

Not only does Hikari make amazing fish food, but they also make a bunch of other aquarium products. These include a whole line of fish medicines and water conditioners. We are big fans of PraziPro and Metro+.

ELOS: The Aquarium Company

Site: ElosAmerica.com/

Italian Luxury at its finest! These tank and sump setups are absolutely stunning. You can order these tanks to be customized to perfection. You can get super clear glass, interchangeable door panels, and different sump layouts. All of their tanks and stands are extremely well thought out. They have scratch resistant glass options, quiet drains, easy to assemble stands, and even a food and fertilizer product line to compliment it.


Site: FritzAquatics.com/

Fritz is an awesome company that can provide all of the aquarium essentials. You can get everything from carbon and fish medicine to reef liquid additives. We're huge fans of their Max Out Pro Advanced all-in-one filter media. It has a nice thick bag so it doesn't just fall into pieces when you take it out of the filter. It works great for clarifying the water and reducing algae!

Dr Tims Aquatics

Site: DrTimsAquatics.com/

Dr Tim's is an awesome company that makes all natural fish products. They are made for fish enthusiasts by fish enthusiasts, we believe they mastered the art of beneficial bacteria in aquariums. You can even use their products to cycle your tank before even adding the fish! We swear by their "one and only" bacteria additive, nothing even comes close.

Real Reef Rock

Site: RealReefRock.com/

Real Reef are saving the world's coral reefs by producing eco-friendly reef rocks. We are all huge fans of their products. The rocks are really beautiful and natural looking. They are colored to look just like real coralline algae. The unique shapes make them great for stacking and aquascaping. Its a great feeling to know that they were not ripped out of the ocean.