I'd Rather Die 

 Than Clean My Tank 

 Aquarium Maintenance Company 

 Meet the Team 


Title: CEO, Aquarium Technician Level 4

Hey, my name is Amanda, and I'm the proud owner of this awesome company! I have been in the aquarium industry for over 15 years. I have enjoyed this hobby since I was as young as I could remember. I used to go to fish stores with my dad every weekend. Besides cleaning fish tanks, my interests include getting tattoos, listening to metal and electronic music, DIY projects, plant collecting, and playing with my Dogs!


Title: Aquarium Technician Level 3

Hi, my name is Mark. I'm one of the technicians of IRDTCMT aquarium maintenance company. I try to do honest work and keep transparency with our clients. I want to help them to not only enjoy their tanks, but also love them as well. Outside of aquarium maintenance, I'm a big fan of home cooking, playing video games, and going out for some paintball!


Title: Aquarium Technician Level 3

Hey! I'm Mell, I've been an aquarium enthusiast for over 7 years. My favorite part of the job is making sure customers have a clean healthy fish tank they can enjoy. In my free time you'll catch me looking for something new to learn or watching anime (The One Piece is real.) My hobbies are collecting antique jewelry, growing an assassin snail army, and PC gaming. Fun fact about me, I was born in 1991. Looking forward to meeting you! 😀


Title: Dispatcher, Secretary

Hey! My name is Uli. If you decide to give us a call, my voice is probably the first one you will hear, as I am the secretary and dispatcher for this company! Although I have not always been fond of it, I eventually learned to like meeting new people. This led to a growing interest of learning about other cultures and traditions. I now love connecting with our clients and building relationships with all of them. I also enjoy being part of such a diverse team. I have a very strong passion and love for all animals. It brings me great joy knowing I am part of the most capable team providing the best care and support to all of our clients pets!


Title: Aquarium Technician Level 3

I'm Toby and I was kidnapped into working for this company. I swore I wouldn't have a single fish tank ever but unfortunately 12 months later I have 7. I like this job because it gives me ideas of what to do with my own fish tanks. I love seeing before-and-afters, it's very cool to see what our clients tanks are capable of with some TLC. My hobbies include snake watching, grilled cheese eating, crying over dogs, figure and sword collecting, snack breaks, and mismatching my black clothes.


Title: Aquarium Technician Level 1

My name is Nex La Manna! As a psychology major, I naturally find fulfillment in making every being's lives more enjoyable and less stressful. You can count on me to take care of you and your pets! I am a spiritualist who can be found drawing, making music, doing tarot readings, collecting rocks, cracking dad jokes, hugging trees, and dancing like no one's watching! I also have 4 children - a cat, a boa constrictor, and 2 betta fish.


Title: Computer Guy

Hi, I'm Adam. As the Computer Guy, I do everything involving technology. I made the calendar system, scheduling system, develop and maintain this website, send out our invoices and help with the accounting. I'm definitely a work smarter not harder kind of guy. My favorite part of this job is making the teams lives as easy as I can, they work super hard and I know I can make it easier for them. My hobbies are playing video games, messing around with my 3D printer, and going to concerts!